Project Description



Las planchas Agfa Azura TU ha sido diseñada para soportar altos volúmenes de impresión, permite llegar a todos los impresores comerciales y puede lograr un tiraje de 150,000 copias, manteniendo una alta calidad y resistencia, además de un impresionante contraste en la imagen.

Características Técnicas:

True chemistry-free

As the image formation is a physical process, there is no need for developer or replenisher. No chemicals mean less disposal costs, a safer work environment and less waste.

Long bath life

In combination with the Azura CX clean-out unit, an extremely long gum bath life of up to 7,000 m² reduces equipment maintenance to an absolute minimum.

Water Saving

When switching from conventional processing to Azura TU, a water reduction of more than 95% can be realized, as no rinse water is required anymore.

Run Lengths of up to 150,000 Copies

Azura TU puts the power of chemistry-free production into the hands of the most demanding sheet-fed commercial printers. Run lengths of up to 150,000 copies are now in reach with one single plate.

Fast Platemaking

A plate sensitivity of 160 mJ/cm² allows for more than 50 B1 plates per hour. Azura TU guarantees maximum CtP plate throughput on most commercial CtP platesetters.

High Quality

Azura TU is made of high-grade aluminum, allowing the delivery of prints with a razor-sharp image quality, up to 240 lpi.

Simplicity and stability

As the Azura TU plate is cleaned out with a simple pH-neutral gum, there are no changing processing parameters like temperature, conductivity or bath life. This results in a reliable and consistent image quality.

Standard operating procedures

Thanks to the unmatched image contrast and excellent daylight stability, standard operating procedures apply. The gum-protected aluminum shows excellent lithographic behavior.


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